Star Wars - BB-8 Embellished Canvas Original

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Listed is a one of a kind  Canvas Original Embellished ARTIST PROOF of BB-8 titled "Sunset Vigil ".

Acme Archives created a Fine Art reproduction of my traditionally painted Leia art. From this line up, I had 15 Artist Proof canvas editions that are sold out. 

This unique, one-of-a-kind Canvas is #7 out of 15. Only one in the world like it. This canvas measures 21 x 28 inches, mounted on tempered masonite hardboard. It has a gloss varnish to seal the paint work in.

This canvas features the background with BB's highlights and indicator lights reworked and repainted.This canvas has been gone through, fully embellished with light touches in some places and extreme details and enhancements added in other places, such as the rocks, and sand.  A major embellishment detail, is the sky, clouds, moon and stars, making this truly an Original in it's own right!


This unique embellished Original canvas is signed and numbered by me, and includes COA.

Import taxes and customs are the responsibility of the buyer. This art will be fully insured for it's full value. 

Sold by Artist,
Jerry VanderStelt /VanderStelt Studio





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