Smaug The Fire-Drake Fine Art ORIGINAL PAINTING

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 "Smaug the Fire-Drake: A Dire Menace!" ORIGINAL PAINTING

I was honored to collaborate with Weta Workshop in designing a complementary piece to go along with the beautiful "Smaug the Fire-Drake" sculpt from Weta.

This original painting features Smaug the Fire-Drake, as seen in the Hobbit films and inspired by Weta Workshop's beautiful sculpture of this famous character. The scene takes place moments before Smaug takes to flight from the gates of Erebor, to exact revenge upon the men of Laketown.

From the North he came like a searing wind, falling first upon the city of Dale without warning, laying waste to its defences. Next, Smaug turned his baleful gaze upon the doors of the Dwarf realm of Erebor itself and inexorable was his advance. All fell before him as the Dragon turned everything in his path to ash: tree, spear, or soul. Those not burned or devoured fled before his wrath, and the roars of the Dragon’s triumph followed them as they fled, echoing through lands once under the dominion of Thrór, now desolate and scorched. The Mountain had a new King.

- 36 x 48 inches

- painted in acrylic, on archival paper, mounted on tempered masonite

- fully licensed

- no reproduction rights are granted / buyer owns the original art only

- prints and canvases of this painting are available in our store

- If you are interested in this Original art, contact us at with      any details on availability and shipping costs

Thank you.

Jerry Vanderstelt, artist


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