Rivendell: The Lord of the Rings Canvas Giclee

Rivendell: The Lord of the Rings Canvas Giclee

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Rivendell canvas:The Last Homely House East of the Sea.

Officially licensed Fine Art with Warner Bros. Studio, this is the first in a series of various landscapes throughout the realm of Middle Earth. 

COMPACT SIZE  - 14.75 X 24 INCHES   ( Facing art )

COLOSSAL SIZE - 25.5 x 40.5 inches    ( Facing art )

This CANVAS GICLEE utilzes Breathing Color's archival "Lyve" canvas, complete with hand-applied protective varnish. Comes signed and numbered by the artist with Certificate of Authenticity. Canvas Editions are limited to 250 pieces worldwide. 

Please include your phone number for shipping reference. Please note that international buyers are responsible for any import fees, or taxes. 

Thank you,

Jerry Vanderstelt, artist

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